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Дата № в кат.сайта Раздел Исполнитель Название Страна Фирма № фирмы. Цена,Р Фото Просм Купить
2020-авг-02 43/1449 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Sade Stronger Than Pride Rus BL Series BL 1017 1000,00
2020-авг-02 43/1965 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Easton Sheena A Private Heaven India EMI EJ 24022 180,00
2020-авг-02 43/1963 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Beatles A Taste Of Honey Rus Melodia (Aprelev.zavod) C60 23581 008 400,00
2020-авг-02 43/599 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Hodgson Roger In The Eye Of The Storm Yugoslavia A&M / RTB 2222663 245,00
2020-авг-02 43/596 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Piaf Edith Piaf Edith Sings - Serie no. 2 Rus Melodia (Vsesouz.studia gramzapisi) Д 17981-2 600,00
2020-авг-02 43/589 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Jordan Chris Twilight Of The Gods Rus AnTrop П91 00003-4 245,00
2020-авг-02 42/1200 Fairytales Плятт Р./Марецкая В. Киплинг Р. - Кошка, Гулявшая Сама По Себе Россия Апрелевка Саунд Инк. C-04651-2 400,00
2020-авг-02 5/8809 Rock G-P Related Projects Led Zeppelin Song Remains The Same - Soundtrack From The Film UK Swan Song SSK 89402 6000,00
2020-авг-02 36/6101 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Last James De Nederlandse Successen Holland Polydor 810 855-1 800,00
2020-авг-02 36/6100 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Schultez Henry And His Orchestra Happy Stereo Sounds Holland PHILIPS 88 526 DY 750,00
2020-авг-02 31/345 Hip-Hop White Boys On A Mission US Tin Pan Apple/Polydor 422 835 588-1 1200,00
2020-авг-02 11/6623 Soul-Funk Wilson Jackie 20 Greatest Hits Portugal Yesterdays Gold 15708 YDG 750,00
2020-авг-02 11/6622 Soul-Funk Lee Frankie Face It! UK DMN Records FIEND 42 750,00
2020-авг-02 1/1382 Blues Caesar Shirley With Reverend Milton Brunson And The Thompson Community Singers Live ... In Chicago US Rejoice Records 7-01-502128-5 750,00
2020-авг-02 29/4219 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Titanics Same US White Star Records WS-122 1200,00
2020-авг-02 13/1665 Country Rogers Kenny Share Your Love Holland Liberty 1A 062-400020 750,00
2020-авг-02 25/3581 Old Disco Europop Players Association Born To Dance US Vanguard VSD 79398 1400,00
2020-авг-02 30/5418 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Icicle Works Blind US Beggars Banquet 8424-1-H 1100,00
2020-авг-02 31/121 Hip-Hop MC Shan Down By Law US Cold Chillin' 1-25676 2500,00
2020-авг-02 49/222 Classical Vocal Stader Maria/Munchener Bach Orchestra (dir. Richter K.) Stader Maria Singt Aus Oratorien: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy US Deutsche Grammophon SLPEM 136 261 2000,00
2020-авг-02 49/167 Classical Vocal Topper/Haefliger/Adam/Fischer-Dieskau/Munchener Bach-Chor / Munchener Bach-Orchester (Richter K.) Bach J.S. - Messe In h-moll Switzerland Grammoclub Exlibris XL 172544 2800,00
2020-авг-02 50/7262 Classical Symphonies Richter Karl Und Sein Kammerorchester Handel - 12 Orgelkonzerte Germany Decca SMD 1156/58 3000,00
2020-авг-02 11/6621 Soul-Funk Liberty City Fla. I Met Her In Miami US Jive 01241428811 750,00
2020-авг-02 4/15022 Rock A-F Byron D.L. This Day And Age US Arista AB 4258 750,00
2020-авг-02 26/4898 Pop Music Of The 80s Various Artists Ronny's Pop Show - Die Zehnte Holland CBS CBS 460268 1 1000,00
2020-авг-02 26/4897 Pop Music Of The 80s Sa-Fire Same Holland Mercury 834 922-1 800,00
2020-авг-02 26/4896 Pop Music Of The 80s Ray Dee Ohh Radiofoni Denmark Replay Records RELP 5808 750,00
2020-авг-02 5/12908 Rock G-P Related Projects O'Sullivan Gilbert Back To Front Germany Platinum 24055 750,00
2020-авг-02 32/397 Easy Listening Vocalists Lopez Trini Entertainer US Imperial House NU 9720 750,00
2020-авг-02 32/342 Easy Listening Vocalists Stafford Jo Memories UK MFP (Music For Pleasure) MFP 50316 750,00
2020-авг-02 32/337 Easy Listening Vocalists Page Patti Remember... Page Patti Holland Fontana Special 6430 118 750,00
2020-авг-02 4/15021 Rock A-F Clapton Eric 461 Ocean Boulevard Japan RSO Records MW 2098 3200,00
2020-авг-02 22/16245 Jazz Lonchampt Marc Dry water / Wet fire France More Music 753.003 1200,00
2020-авг-02 28/5960 New Wave Radio Romance As Seen On T.V. US Oceanus Records OR-A0001 1600,00
2020-авг-02 28/5959 New Wave Jeremy Days Speakeasy Germany Polydor 513 545-1 1200,00
2020-авг-02 28/5958 New Wave Johnson Holly Blast Germany MCA Records 256 395-1 1200,00
2020-авг-02 22/16244 Jazz Tania Maria Piquant US Concord Jazz Picante CJP-151 1800,00
2020-авг-02 22/16243 Jazz Peyroux Madeleine Anthem EU Decca/Universal Music France 602567650638 2900,00
2020-авг-02 22/16242 Jazz Mandel Johnny Mandel Johnny's Great Jazz Score I Want To Live! US United Artists UA 5005 2700,00
2020-авг-02 34/80 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Shadow DJ Preemptive Strike US FFRR/Mo Wax 731454086714 2300,00
2020-авг-02 2/2441 Rock-N-Roll Twist Presley Elvis Blue Hawaii (Soundtrack) Japan His Master's Voice / Victor SHP-5026 3600,00
2020-авг-02 32/1614 Easy Listening Vocalists Gentry Bobbie Best Of Gentry Bobbie Japan Capitol Records CP-9527 2400,00
2020-авг-02 32/1349 Easy Listening Vocalists Sinatra Frank with Quincy Jones And Orchestra L.A. Is My Lady Germany Qwest Records 925 145-1 2500,00
2020-авг-02 25/3580 Old Disco Europop Supermax World Of Today Germany Atlantic ATL 50423 3000,00
2020-авг-02 18/4425 Heavy metal Europe Final Countdown UK Epic EPC 26808 2400,00
2020-авг-02 18/4433 Heavy metal Judas Priest Killing Machine Japan Epic 25 3P-28 3200,00
2020-авг-02 9/220 Electronic Music Various Artists Windham Hill Records Sampler '84 Canada Windham Hill WH-91035 750,00
2020-авг-02 15/3795 Progressive King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson) Japan Atlantic P-6365A 4500,00
2020-авг-02 15/4868 Progressive SFF (Schicke Fuhrs Frohling) Ticket To Everywhere Germany Brain 0060.173 2500,00
2020-авг-02 4/14896 Rock A-F Doors Waiting For The Sun Japan Elektra P-6413E 4500,00
2020-авг-02 4/14810 Rock A-F Electric Flag Groovin' Is Easy UK Thunderbolt THBL-1006 1800,00
2020-авг-02 4/14768 Rock A-F Wizard's Convention (Deep Purple) Same Japan RCA RVP-6148 5000,00
2020-авг-02 4/14732 Rock A-F Beatles Hey Jude Japan Apple AP 8940 5000,00
2020-авг-02 4/14719 Rock A-F Beatles Hey Jude Japan Apple AP 8940 5000,00
2020-авг-02 4/6793 Rock A-F Harrison George Dark Horse US Apple / EMI SMAS-3418 1800,00
2020-авг-02 4/3592 Rock A-F Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Gold Japan Fantasy Records LFP-80675 3600,00
2020-авг-02 4/4316 Rock A-F Barclay James Harvest Eyes Of The Universe Japan Polydor MPF 1279 6700,00
2020-авг-02 4/4279 Rock A-F Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) Secret Messages Japan Jet 25AP 2640 3200,00
2020-авг-02 26/4843 Pop Music Of The 80s ABBA Super Trouper Japan Discomate DSP-8004 3200,00
2020-авг-02 1/499 Blues Buchanan Roy Same Japan Polydor MPF 1020 2500,00
2020-авг-02 5/12544 Rock G-P Related Projects Joplin Janis I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! Japan CBS/SONY SONP-50167 4500,00
2020-авг-02 5/11180 Rock G-P Related Projects Joplin Janis Pearl Japan CBS/SONY SOPN 90 3200,00
2020-авг-02 5/12907 Rock G-P Related Projects Joplin Janis, Big Brother & The Holding Company Joplin In Concert Japan CBS/SONY SOPJ 24-5 4000,00
2020-авг-02 5/12906 Rock G-P Related Projects Pink Floyd Obscured By Clouds Japan EMI/Harvest/Odeon EOP-80575 6000,00
2020-авг-02 5/9919 Rock G-P Related Projects Grand Funk Shinin' On Japan Capitol Records ECP-80995 1800,00
2020-авг-02 5/12905 Rock G-P Related Projects Manfred Mann's Earth Band Nightingales & Bombers Germany Bronze 89 059 XOT 2500,00
2020-авг-02 5/12904 Rock G-P Related Projects Mott The Hoople Mott The Hoople Live Japan CBS/SONY SOPN-104 3600,00
2020-авг-02 5/12903 Rock G-P Related Projects Collins Rossington Band This Is The Way Japan MCA Records VIM-6272 2400,00
2020-авг-02 5/12902 Rock G-P Related Projects Manfred Mann's Earth Band Angel Station UK Bronze BRON 516 3000,00
2020-авг-02 5/12901 Rock G-P Related Projects Joplin Janis Great Janis Japan CBS/SONY SONX 60202 3600,00
2020-авг-02 5/12900 Rock G-P Related Projects Grateful Dead American Beauty US Warner Bros. Records WS 1893 3600,00
2020-авг-02 5/12899 Rock G-P Related Projects Grateful Dead Wake Of The Flood Japan Grateful Dead Records P-8394G 5000,00
2020-авг-02 6/11228 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Quatro Suzi Quatro Suzi Story - Golden Hits Japan Rak ERS-80369 3200,00
2020-авг-02 6/11213 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Quatro Suzi Quatro Suzi Story - Golden Hits Japan Rak ERS-80369 3200,00
2020-авг-01 6/9976 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen A Night At The Opera Japan Elektra P-10075E 4500,00
2020-авг-01 6/12407 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Fagen Donald Nightfly Japan Warner Bros. Records P-11264 3200,00
2020-авг-01 6/12406 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Yardbirds Remember... Japan Odeon OP-80288 4500,00
2020-авг-01 6/12128 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Supertramp Breakfast In America Japan A&M AMP-6034 3200,00
2020-авг-01 6/12405 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen Works Japan EMI EMS-91076 6000,00
2020-авг-01 6/9482 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Tattoo You Japan EMI/Rolling Stones Records ESS-81455 5500,00
2020-авг-01 6/12404 Rock Q-Z Related Projects ZZ TOP Eliminator Japan Warner Bros. Records P-11357 3600,00
2020-авг-01 6/10647 Rock Q-Z Related Projects UK (U.K.) Danger Money UK Polydor / EG Records POLD 5019 4500,00
2020-авг-01 6/10654 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen A Day At The Races Japan Elektra P-10300E 4000,00
2020-авг-01 6/12403 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Shocking Blue Greatest Hits Japan Polydor MP 9465/6 6700,00
2020-авг-01 6/12402 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request UK Decca TXS 103 4500,00
2020-авг-01 50/129 Classical Symphonies Berliner Philharmoniker (dir. Karajan von Herbert) Karajan Express - Frankreich: Berlioz, Delibes, Debussy Yugoslavia PGP RTB 2LP 213704 1500,00
2020-авг-01 50/128 Classical Symphonies Berliner Philharmoniker (dir. Karajan von Herbert) Karajan Express: Wien - Strauss Joh. Jr., Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven Yugoslavia PGP RTB 2LP 213706 1000,00
2020-авг-01 48/3379 Classical Piano Horowitz Vladimir Horowitz In Moscow Germany Deutsche Grammophon 419 499-1 1200,00
2020-авг-01 51/2542 Musical Instruments De Plata Manitas Et Ses Guitares Gitanes Holland CBS S 65020 750,00
2020-авг-01 51/2541 Musical Instruments Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra (cond. Khachaturian A.)/Oistrakh D. Khatchaturyan - Concerto For Violin And Orchestra In D-moll Rus Melodia (Aprelev.zavod) Д 016483-4 850,00
2020-авг-01 51/2539 Musical Instruments Odnoposoff R./Symphonie Orchester Radio Genf (dir. Rivoli G.) Mendelssohn - Violinkonzert in E-Moll op. 64, Paganini - Violin Concerto No. 1 In D Op. 6 Germany MMS MMS-2205 1100,00
2020-авг-01 53/1178 Classical Music Until XVIII Century Chamber Orchestra"I Musici"/Ayo Felix Vivaldi - Die Vier Jahreszeiten (Le Quattro Stagioni) Germany PHILIPS 63 667 750,00
2020-авг-01 53/1177 Classical Music Until XVIII Century Orchestre de Chambre Jean-Francois Paillard (dir. Pailard J.-F.) L'adagio D'Albinoni Et Venise (Collection Fiori Musicali - 6) France ERATO Records EFM 8006 800,00
2020-авг-01 48/1275 Classical Piano Neuhaus Heinrich Neuhaus' lessons: Debussy - Estampes - "La soiree dan Grenade" Rus Melodia (Aprelev.zavod) Д 022885-6 180,00
2020-авг-01 48/214 Classical Piano Czech Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Vlach Josef)/ Moravec Ivan Mozart - Piano Concerto no. 25 In C-dur, Fantasia In C-moll Czechoslovakia Supraphon 1 10 1559 500,00
2020-авг-01 48/104 Classical Piano Ranki Dezso/Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra (cond. Sandor F.) Mozart - Piano Concertos: No. 9 K. 271 / No. 14 K. 449 Hungary Hungaroton SLPX 11942 1200,00
2020-авг-01 48/3376 Classical Piano Hesse-Bukowska Barbara/Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra (cond. Krenz J.) Paderewski - Piano Concerto In A-moll Op. 17 / Rozycki - Ballade For Piano And Orchestra Op. 2 Poland Muza Polskie Nagrania XL 0196 600,00
2020-авг-01 49/5201 Classical Vocal Lauer Ernst-Wolfgang/Spatzek Helga Weinrauch, Haydn M., Betscher - Musik In Oberschwabischen Klostern Germany SWF Sudwestfunk SWF 103 500,00
2020-авг-01 49/5200 Classical Vocal Price L./Baker J./Luchetti V./van Dam J./Chicago Symphony Chorus & Orchestra (cond. Solti G.) Verdi - Requiem US RCA Red Seal ARL2-2476 2000,00
2020-авг-01 49/5199 Classical Vocal Vickers J./Ridderbusch K./Dernesch H./Berliner Philharmoniker (dir. Karajan von Herbert) Beethoven - Fidelio Czechoslovakia Supraphon 1 12 2061-63 2800,00
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