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Дата № в кат.сайта Раздел Исполнитель Название Страна Фирма № фирмы. Цена,Р Фото Просм Купить
2022-май-25 22/19282 Jazz Benson George Give Me The Night Japan Qwest / Warner Bros. P-10851W 2500,00
2022-май-25 26/5927 Pop Music Of The 80s Hardcastle Paul No Winners UK Chrysalis CDL 1549-2 1500,00
2022-май-25 26/5926 Pop Music Of The 80s Rhodes Phyllis (Saint Tropez solo LP) End Of Forever Germany Marlboro Music 6.26392 1800,00
2022-май-25 26/5925 Pop Music Of The 80s Nu Colours Unlimited UK Wild Card Records 511 160-1 1800,00
2022-май-25 26/5924 Pop Music Of The 80s Tiffany New Inside Germany MCA Records 9031-72311-1 2000,00
2022-май-25 26/5923 Pop Music Of The 80s Landers Audrey Meine Traume Fur Dich (Love Me Tender) Germany WEA 2292-46291-1 750,00
2022-май-25 26/5922 Pop Music Of The 80s Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain More Than You Can Handle US Motown/Conceited Records 6150ML 1000,00
2022-май-25 26/5921 Pop Music Of The 80s Tiffany Same Japan MCA Records P-13586 2200,00
2022-май-25 6/15084 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Sullivan Rocky Caught In The Crossfire Germany Line Records LILP 4.00162 800,00
2022-май-25 6/15083 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Warner Florence Another Hot Night Holland Mercury 6359 033 1000,00
2022-май-25 6/15082 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Vitesse (Van Boeyen Herman - Tee-Set, Livin' Blues, Supersister; Brood Herman - Cuby & the Buzzards) Good News Holland TTR WEA 58.370 750,00
2022-май-25 6/15081 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Streets (Steve Walsh and Billy Greer from Kansas,Tim Gehrt - Joshua , Mike Slamer - City Boy) Crimes In Mind Germany Atlantic 781 246-1 1400,00
2022-май-25 6/15080 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Jagger Mick She's The Boss Japan CBS/SONY 28AP 2996 2600,00
2022-май-25 6/15079 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Love You Live Japan Rolling Stones Records ESS-50047-48 3600,00
2022-май-25 6/15078 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Starz Violation Japan Capitol ECS-80799 2400,00
2022-май-25 6/15077 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Stevens Jon (Lead vocalist of Noiseworks, INXS (2000 - 2003)) Same Japan MCA Records VIM-6294 2500,00
2022-май-25 5/15383 Rock G-P Related Projects Lonesome Strangers Same US Hightone Records Hightone 8016 750,00
2022-май-25 5/15382 Rock G-P Related Projects Player Danger Zone Holland PHILIPS 9124 371 1000,00
2022-май-25 5/15381 Rock G-P Related Projects Paradox Big Bizniz Holland Moplo Music MP 8407 1000,00
2022-май-25 5/15380 Rock G-P Related Projects Klingman "Moogy" Mark (Member of Utopia, Jimmy James and the Blue Flames (Hendrix Jimi) 1966) Moogy 2 Holland EMI 5C 062-60593 1500,00
2022-май-25 5/15379 Rock G-P Related Projects Jakata Light The Night US Morocco records 6060CL 1200,00
2022-май-25 5/15378 Rock G-P Related Projects Genesis Invisible Touch Japan Virgin 28VB-1090 3200,00
2022-май-25 32/5246 Easy Listening Vocalists Sedaka Neil Laughter And Tears: The Best Of Sedaka Neil Today Japan Polydor MPF 1028 2400,00
2022-май-25 36/6649 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Various Artists World Popular Song Festival '71 With Electone Japan Yamaha Music Foundation UGD-2004 1400,00
2022-май-25 36/6648 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Conniff Ray Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Holland Embassy EMB 31261 750,00
2022-май-25 36/6647 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Baja Marimba Band & Wechter Julius Greatest Hits Germany A&M 80 696 IT 1000,00
2022-май-25 36/6646 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Bacharach Burt & His Orchestra In Concert UK A&M AMLS 68279 750,00
2022-май-25 36/6645 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Faith Percy Godfather (Faith Percy Plays Screen Hits) Japan CBS/SONY SOPM-9 2200,00
2022-май-25 36/6644 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Mendes Sergio & Brasil '66 Greatest Hits Holland A&M AMLS 985 1200,00
2022-май-25 5/15377 Rock G-P Related Projects Gomm Ian (Brinsley Schwarz) What Makes A Man A... Germany Pick Up Records LPU 0030 1000,00
2022-май-25 5/15376 Rock G-P Related Projects Moraz Patrick Time Code Holland Lamborghini Records 656.063 800,00
2022-май-25 5/15375 Rock G-P Related Projects Hagar Sammy Street Machine Canada Capitol ST-11983 750,00
2022-май-25 5/15374 Rock G-P Related Projects Procol Harum A Whiter Shade Of Pale Japan PHILIPS BT-5156(M) 7000,00
2022-май-25 5/15373 Rock G-P Related Projects Kiss Lick It Up Japan Casablanca Record & Filmworks 28S-181 4500,00
2022-май-25 6/15076 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Saleet Norman Here I Am US RCA Victor NFL1-8002 1000,00
2022-май-25 6/15075 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Stone Jamie Let It Shine Germany Crystal 064 CRY 60405 750,00
2022-май-25 6/15074 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Shooting Star 3 Wishes (III Wishes) US Virgin / Epic FE 38020 1000,00
2022-май-25 6/15073 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Sarstedt Peter Very Best Of Sarstedt Peter UK Nouveau Music NML 1009 800,00
2022-май-25 6/15072 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Slade Far Far Away Germany Karussell 2435 603 1800,00
2022-май-25 6/15071 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen Jazz Japan Elektra P-10601E 7000,00
2022-май-25 6/15070 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones 30 Greatest Hits Japan Abkco RCA-9135-36 4000,00
2022-май-25 6/15069 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Sparks Propaganda Germany Island 88425 XOT 3200,00
2022-май-25 6/15068 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Quatro Suzi Suzi... And Other Four Letter Words Japan Rak ERS-81267 5000,00
2022-май-25 11/7706 Soul-Funk Warwick Dionne Alfie / Make It Easy On Yourself US Pickwick/33 Records PTP 2056 1200,00
2022-май-25 11/7705 Soul-Funk DeBarge Bad Boys Holland Striped Horse SHL 2004 750,00
2022-май-25 11/7704 Soul-Funk Drifters 24 Original Hits Holland Atlantic ATL 60106 1200,00
2022-май-25 11/7703 Soul-Funk Graham Central Station Mirror US Burbank Warner Bros. BS 2937 1800,00
2022-май-25 26/5920 Pop Music Of The 80s Duo De Pelikaan Dis Izze Sjurnie Intoe Sount Holland Kretona 88121 1200,00
2022-май-25 26/5919 Pop Music Of The 80s Jackson Janet Control Germany A&M 392 138-1 400,00
2022-май-25 26/5918 Pop Music Of The 80s Haddaway Fly Away Germany Coconut 74321 265311 1000,00
2022-май-25 26/5917 Pop Music Of The 80s Streetband feat. Paul Young London UK Logo Records LOGO 1012 1000,00
2022-май-25 26/5916 Pop Music Of The 80s Bolland & Bolland Domino Theory Holland Lark INL-3618 1800,00
2022-май-25 26/5915 Pop Music Of The 80s Jackson Michael Bad Japan Epic 28 3P-800 7500,00
2022-май-25 26/5914 Pop Music Of The 80s Dennis Cathy Into The Skyline UK Polydor 513 935-1 9000,00
2022-май-25 2/3147 Rock-N-Roll Twist Stray Cats Gonna Ball Japan Arista 25RS-143 3600,00
2022-май-25 4/17727 Rock A-F Beatles Please Please Me Japan Apple AP-8675 6000,00
2022-май-25 4/18637 Rock A-F Band Same Japan Capitol Records CP-8849 4500,00
2022-май-25 4/18636 Rock A-F Beatles Hey Jude Japan Apple AP 8940 3600,00
2022-май-25 4/18635 Rock A-F Gillan Ian Band Clear Air Turbulence Japan Island ILS-80825 4500,00
2022-май-25 4/18634 Rock A-F Deep Purple Stormbringer Japan Burbank Warner Bros. P-8524W 6000,00
2022-май-25 4/18633 Rock A-F Beatles Beatles' Second Album Japan Apple AR-8027 4000,00
2022-май-25 4/18632 Rock A-F Young Neil Harvest Japan Reprise P-8120R 7500,00
2022-май-25 4/18631 Rock A-F Paice Ashton Lord (ex - Deep Purple) Malice In Wonderland Japan Burbank Warner Bros. P-10360W 4500,00
2022-май-25 4/18630 Rock A-F Bush Kate Whole Story UK EMI KBTV 1 3600,00
2022-май-25 4/18629 Rock A-F Camel Same Japan MCA Records MCA-5162 7500,00
2022-май-25 4/18628 Rock A-F Bowie David Young Americans Japan RCA RCA-6285 5000,00
2022-май-25 4/18627 Rock A-F Beatles Abbey Road Canada Apple SO-383 5000,00
2022-май-25 4/18626 Rock A-F Creedence Clearwater Revival C.C.R. Best 20 Japan Fantasy LFS-90010 4000,00
2022-май-25 4/18625 Rock A-F Harrison George Concert For Bangladesh Japan Apple SOPZ-76-78 / STCX 3385 5500,00
2022-май-24 2/3146 Rock-N-Roll Twist Everly Brothers Everly Brothers Collection UK Castle Communications, Collector Series CCSLP 139 1200,00
2022-май-24 2/3145 Rock-N-Roll Twist Everly Brothers Sensational Everly Brothers UK Reader's Digest RDS 9703-9704 / GSEB-2A 1200,00
2022-май-24 2/3144 Rock-N-Roll Twist Nelson Rick Very Best Of Nelson Rick UK Sunset SLS 50164 750,00
2022-май-24 6/15067 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Sniff 'N' The Tears Love Action US MCA Records MCA-5242 750,00
2022-май-24 6/15066 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Harrison Mike Rainbow Rider Holland Goodear EAR 7002 1200,00
2022-май-24 6/15065 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Sea Level Cats On The Coast US Capricorn CPN-0198 1000,00
2022-май-24 6/15064 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rafferty Gerry Can I Have My Money Back? Holland HEP Golden Label HN 4161 750,00
2022-май-24 6/15063 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Santana Say It Again (Dance Mix) Holland CBS CBSA 12-4514 500,00
2022-май-24 1/2474 Blues Dutch Swing College Band Jubilee Concert Holland PHILIPS 6601 003 1200,00
2022-май-24 29/5512 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Suster Poppy Members Only Holland Universe Productions TURN 1 750,00
2022-май-24 31/1885 Hip-Hop Hammer MC It's All Good UK RCA GOOD 1 500,00
2022-май-24 31/1884 Hip-Hop Monica Feat. Busta Rhymes So Gone (Remix) EU J Records 828765507417 800,00
2022-май-24 31/1883 Hip-Hop Cash Money & Marvelous Play It Kool / Ugly People Be Quiet Holland Injection Disco Dance Label 234.836 1000,00
2022-май-24 5/15372 Rock G-P Related Projects Peter & Gordon Best Of Peter & Gordon Holland MFP (Music For Pleasure) 1A 022-58030 750,00
2022-май-24 5/15371 Rock G-P Related Projects Hollywood Same Germany Harvest 1C 066-32 728 1000,00
2022-май-24 5/15370 Rock G-P Related Projects Newton-John Olivia Let Me Be There Japan EMI EMS-80077 900,00
2022-май-24 5/15369 Rock G-P Related Projects Newton-John Olivia Come On Over Japan EMI EMS-80490 800,00
2022-май-24 5/15368 Rock G-P Related Projects Ian Janis Same Japan CBS/SONY FCPA 509 1400,00
2022-май-24 11/7702 Soul-Funk Drifters There Goes My First Love UK MFP (Music For Pleasure) MFP 50352 750,00
2022-май-24 11/7701 Soul-Funk Royalty Rich And Famous US Warner Bros. Records 07599255921 1000,00
2022-май-24 11/7700 Soul-Funk Gable Eric Process Of Elimination US Epic 49 77435 400,00
2022-май-24 11/7699 Soul-Funk Warwick Dionne Just Being Myself Italy Charter Line Records CTR 26059 750,00
2022-май-24 11/7698 Soul-Funk Sledge Percy Best Of Sledge Percy Germany Atlantic 62 191 1000,00
2022-май-24 11/7697 Soul-Funk Mundy Nick Your Kinda Guy US Warner Bros. Records 1-25635 750,00
2022-май-24 11/7696 Soul-Funk Cold Blood Lydia Japan Burbank Warner Bros. P-8498W 2600,00
2022-май-24 11/7695 Soul-Funk Rogers Richard Can't Stop / Can't Stop Loving You (Free 12" Remix) UK BCM Records BCM 34460 1000,00
2022-май-24 33/3763 France Italy Europe Mouskouri Nana Christmas With Mouskouri Nana UK Fontana 6312 033 750,00
2022-май-24 35/1511 Soundtracks Various Artists Soup For One - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Germany WEA WEA 99236 2000,00
2022-май-24 32/5245 Easy Listening Vocalists Sedaka Neil 20 Golden Hits Holland RCA International NL-43508 750,00
2022-май-24 32/5244 Easy Listening Vocalists Black Andrea Same UK AKR Records AKRLP 32 750,00
2022-май-24 32/5243 Easy Listening Vocalists Bygraves Max Same UK Hallmark Marble Arch HMA 206 750,00
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