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2018-янв-16 29/2558 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Mute Drivers (Wright Steve (Julia Brightly) - Passions, BIM, worked with Wire, sound engineer for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars, Caribou, Mogwai etc.) Everyone UK Brave BND 4LP 1000,00
2018-янв-16 3/708 Beat Surf Kayama Yuzo Golden Album Japan Toshiba TP-8030 1800,00
2018-янв-16 15/4193 Progressive Sandy Coast Best Of Coast Sandy Holland A&R Records ANR 85017 750,00
2018-янв-16 11/825 Soul-Funk Supremes 20 Super Hits Holland Motown 5C 062-98885 750,00
2018-янв-16 26/4047 Pop Music Of The 80s Imagination Body Talk Belgium Red Bus Records WEA 58.371 1000,00
2018-янв-16 26/4046 Pop Music Of The 80s Imagination In The Heat Of The Night US MCA Records MCA-5373 900,00
2018-янв-16 26/4044 Pop Music Of The 80s Imagination Gold Spain Red Bus Records 206.729 1000,00
2018-янв-16 11/5425 Soul-Funk Whispers And The Beat Goes On / I Can Make It Better Canada Solar SPEC-1356 750,00
2018-янв-16 26/4043 Pop Music Of The 80s Imagination Body Talk US MCA Records MCA-5271 1200,00
2018-янв-16 5/8772 Rock G-P Related Projects Oak Same Holland Mercury 9111 058 750,00
2018-янв-16 2/554 Rock-N-Roll Twist Haley Bill & Comets Rip It Up! Germany Coral COPS 4574 750,00
2018-янв-16 32/3740 Easy Listening Vocalists Andrews Sisters Same Holland MFP 1A 022-58097 750,00
2018-янв-16 30/2664 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Bats & Mice Believe It Mammals EU Lovitt Records LOVE 27 1000,00
2018-янв-16 2/122 Rock-N-Roll Twist Everly Brothers Walk Right Back With The Everlys (20 Golden Hits) UK Burbank Warner Bros. K 56168 750,00
2018-янв-16 4/10151 Rock A-F Fable (Goalby Pete - Uriah Heep, Trapeze (Vocalist)) Same (A Band Of Today) Holland Ariola 87 830 IT 750,00
2018-янв-16 6/1264 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Vitesse (Van Boeyen Herman - Tee-Set, Livin' Blues, Supersister; Brood Herman - Cuby & the Buzzards) Out In The Country Holland Bovema Negram 5N 062-26013 750,00
2018-янв-16 22/5454 Jazz Clarke Stanley Rocks, Pebbles And Sand Holland Epic EPC 84342 1200,00
2018-янв-16 30/1562 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Hynde Chrissie (Pretenders ) Stockholm EU Will Travel/Caroline Records WT0003LP 2000,00
2018-янв-16 30/2118 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Yello Stella Germany Vertigo 822 820-1 3200,00
2018-янв-16 21/118 Jazz Of Ex-soviet Block Records Polish Jazz Quartet Same Poland Muza Polskie Nagrania XL 0246 7020,00
2018-янв-14 4/814 Rock A-F Demian (Post - Bubble Puppy) Same France Klimt MJJ309 3200,00
2018-янв-14 41/223 Literary-Musical Compositions Humour Poetry Schneider Richard Baudelaire Charles Japan Columbia GZ-7070 1220,00
2018-янв-14 4/6760 Rock A-F Atomic Rooster Nice & Greasy Italy Akarma AK 178 2800,00
2018-янв-14 43/172 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Queen A Kind Of Magic India His Master's Voice EU 3509 1490,00
2018-янв-14 37/756 Russian Immigrants Russian Songwriters Визбор Юрий Наполним Музыкой Сердца Россия Мелодия (Моск. оп. завод "Грамзапись") М60 46691 000 180,00
2018-янв-14 50/4406 Classical Symphonies Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam (cond. Beinum E.) Bruckner - Sinfonie Nr. 9 in D-moll East Germany Eterna 8 20 189 500,00
2018-янв-14 50/4392 Classical Symphonies Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam (cond. Beinum E.) Brahms - Sinfonie Nr. 4 in E-moll Op. 98 East Germany Eterna 8 20 192 800,00
2018-янв-14 36/1239 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Caiola Al & His Orchestra Latin Guitar De Luxe Japan Time Records XS-84-T 1400,00
2018-янв-14 35/677 Soundtracks Various Artists Great Movie Themes Japan CBS/SONY SOPV 53-54 750,00
2018-янв-14 26/4042 Pop Music Of The 80s Jackson Michael - McCartney Paul Say Say Say / Ode To A Koala Bear Japan Emi/Odeon EPS-27007 1500,00
2018-янв-14 7/94 7 inches Минаев Сергей Ломбаба Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) C62 30267 008 295,00
2018-янв-14 7/1706 7 inches Various Artists Ponte... La Marcha Spain Boy Records COM-01 295,00
2018-янв-14 7/1704 7 inches Cinquetti Gigliola Giuseppe In Pennsylvania / Come Una Foglia Italy CGD N 9681 295,00
2018-янв-14 5/1891 Rock G-P Related Projects Parsons Alan Project Ammonia Avenue Germany Arista 206 100 1400,00
2018-янв-14 52/17 Soviet Moovies Soundtracks Various Artists Петров Андрей - Голубые Города Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) C60 23861 001 600,00
2018-янв-14 45/887 Soviet Folk Music Romances Гуляев Юрий Русские Народные Песни Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) СМ 01811-12 400,00
2018-янв-14 45/743 Soviet Folk Music Romances Краснознаменный Имени Александрова А.В. Ансамбль Песни И Пляски Советской Армии Same Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) CM 02873-4 1000,00
2018-янв-14 47/1193 Soviet Russian Pop Music Френкель Ян Годы - Френкель Ян Поет Свои Песни Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) С60 30081 000 800,00
2018-янв-14 24/220 Ethno Lahiri Bappi ("Disco Dancer" - composer) Jyoti India His Master's Voice / EMI PEALP 2045 1490,00
2018-янв-14 43/669 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Adamo Salvatore Golden Disc Rus Melodia (Vsesouz.studia gramzapisi) C60-04897-8 400,00
2018-янв-14 43/625 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Cash Johnny Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Poland Muza Polskie Nagrania SX 2559 730,00
2018-янв-14 43/549 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Hooker John Lee Blues Collection 2 East Germany Amiga 8 56 153 1000,00
2018-янв-14 43/520 Whole World Pop Music On Soviet Block Records Status Quo 1+9+8+2 Czechoslovakia Supraphon 1113 3267 600,00
2018-янв-14 19/718 Ex-soviet Block Records Czerwone Gitary 3 Poland Muza Polskie Nagrania XL 0479 3510,00
2018-янв-14 19/697 Ex-soviet Block Records Puhdys Puhdys 12 - Das Buch East Germany Amiga 8 56 039 400,00
2018-янв-14 19/688 Ex-soviet Block Records Puhdys Puhdys 13 (Live In Sachsen) East Germany Amiga 8 56 063/064 670,00
2018-янв-14 19/678 Ex-soviet Block Records Puhdys Puhdys 1 Germany Hansa 28 481 OT 1270,00
2018-янв-14 46/248 Russian Rock Heavy Metal Bands Французское Сопротивление Берлинское Метро (Berlin Metro) Россия Русский Диск R60 01219 1000,00
2018-янв-14 46/198 Russian Rock Heavy Metal Bands Ария Герой Асфальта Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) С60 27413 000 1000,00
2018-янв-14 47/2724 Soviet Russian Pop Music Зодиак (Zodiac) Disco Alliance Россия Мелодия (Ленинград.завод) С60 13771-2 400,00
2018-янв-14 46/134 Russian Rock Heavy Metal Bands Пикник Иероглиф Россия Мелодия (Моск. оп. завод "Грамзапись") С60 25987 002 1000,00
2018-янв-14 5/10102 Rock G-P Related Projects Grand Funk All The Girls In The World Beware!!! Japan Capitol Records ECS-80115 3000,00
2018-янв-14 22/4598 Jazz Cole Nat King Very Best Of Cole Nat King UK Capitol EST 23165 1200,00
2018-янв-14 13/279 Country Denver John Seine Grossen Erfolge Germany RCA Victor PL 42468 750,00
2018-янв-14 36/5072 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Hause Alfred and his Tango Orchester Very Best Of Continental Tango Japan Polydor SLPM-1276 1200,00
2018-янв-14 36/5071 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Various Artists Anatomy Of Love 2 Latin Mood Japan Time Records PS-1118-T 1000,00
2018-янв-14 36/5046 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Vaughn Billy Golden Standard Album Japan Dot SWG-7035 1200,00
2018-янв-14 36/5068 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Rosso Nini Godfather Japan Globe Records CD4W-7013 2600,00
2018-янв-14 25/1533 Old Disco Europop Buffoons Best Of Buffoons Holland CBS S 65929 750,00
2018-янв-14 36/4693 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Morricone Ennio Het Gebeurde In Het Westen / Il Etait Une Fois Dans L'Ouest / Once Upon A Time In The West Holland RCA Victor 440.751 1000,00
2018-янв-14 5/5001 Rock G-P Related Projects Hendrix Jimi Rainbow Bridge - Original Motion Picture Sound Track Japan Reprise P-8167R 3200,00
2018-янв-14 4/8322 Rock A-F Firefall Break Of Dawn Canada Atlantic 98 00171 750,00
2018-янв-14 4/8117 Rock A-F Balance In For The Count Canada Portrait FR 38019 1000,00
2018-янв-14 4/8031 Rock A-F Balance Same Canada Portrait FR 37357 1700,00
2018-янв-13 33/376 France Italy Europe Hardy Francoise A Suivre... Japan Epic 28 3P-297 1500,00
2018-янв-13 32/3739 Easy Listening Vocalists Williams Andy His Fascinate Vocal (Best Of Best Mood Pops 18 Series Vol. 1) Japan CBS/SONY SONI-95101 1500,00
2018-янв-13 6/9896 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen A Night At The Opera Japan Elektra P-10075E 3000,00
2018-янв-13 6/9895 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Wishbone Ash Wishbone Four Japan MCA Records MCA-6001 2400,00
2018-янв-13 6/9893 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Wishbone Ash There's The Rub Japan MCA Records MCA-6059 1800,00
2018-янв-13 4/6597 Rock A-F Baez Joan Same France Mode 509100 750,00
2018-янв-13 4/6523 Rock A-F Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo's Factory Japan Liberty LP-80054 4000,00
2018-янв-13 4/6519 Rock A-F Beatles A Hard Day's Night Japan Apple AP-8147 2600,00
2018-янв-13 4/6512 Rock A-F Lennon John/ Plastic Ono Band Shaved Fish Japan Apple EAS-80380 2400,00
2018-янв-13 4/6454 Rock A-F Camel Breathless Japan London GP-1101 3200,00
2018-янв-13 4/6324 Rock A-F Deep Purple Machine Head Japan Burbank Warner Bros. P-10130W 3000,00
2018-янв-13 4/6304 Rock A-F Deep Purple Machine Head Japan Burbank Warner Bros. P-8224W 3200,00
2018-янв-13 4/5561 Rock A-F Beatles Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl Japan Emi/Odeon EAS-80830 2400,00
2018-янв-13 4/4111 Rock A-F Beatles Rubber Soul Japan Odeon OP-7450 6700,00
2018-янв-13 4/4096 Rock A-F Camel Mirage Japan Deram GP-1089 3200,00
2018-янв-13 4/1160 Rock A-F Bowie David Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars Japan RCA RPL-2102 5000,00
2018-янв-13 50/1666 Classical Symphonies Vienna Chamber Orchestra (cond. Angerer Paul) Lanner Josef - Beliebte Walzer Und Galoppen Germany Intercord INT 180.818 1500,00
2018-янв-13 15/886 Progressive Celeste Same Japan Seven Seas/Grog K22P-184 3600,00
2018-янв-13 32/1236 Easy Listening Vocalists Sinatra Frank A Jolly Christmas From Sinatra Frank US Capitol Records/UMe 00602537862542 2000,00
2018-янв-13 4/11385 Rock A-F Beatles Rubber Soul EU Parlophone 094638241812 2000,00
2018-янв-13 18/5674 Heavy metal Europe Final Countdown Japan His Master's Voice / Victor VIL-28019 3200,00
2018-янв-13 18/5448 Heavy metal Axel Rudi Pell SPV 18141 2LP EU Steamhammer / SPV 886922181412 2900,00
2018-янв-13 18/5436 Heavy metal Sinner Touch Of Sin Germany Noise N0026 2800,00
2018-янв-13 30/2894 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) Sugar Tax Germany Virgin 211 392 2000,00
2018-янв-13 28/3524 New Wave Nena Feuer Und Flamme Holland CBS CBS 26 546 1100,00
2018-янв-13 5/10637 Rock G-P Related Projects Joel Billy Stranger Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 843 1200,00
2018-янв-13 6/8983 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Steely Dan Countdown To Ecstasy Japan MCA Records VIM-4043 3600,00
2018-янв-13 6/3240 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Three Dog Night Seven Separate Fools Japan Probe IPP-80567 2500,00
2018-янв-13 22/11034 Jazz Eick Mathias Skala Germany ECM ECM 2187 1700,00
2018-янв-13 22/11025 Jazz Coltrane John Impressions Japan ABC Impulse YP-8522-AI 3600,00
2018-янв-13 46/82 Russian Rock Heavy Metal Bands Смысловые Галлюцинации 3000 EU Мирумир MIR 100372 3230,00
2018-янв-13 4/8716 Rock A-F Jeff Lynne's ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) Alone In The Universe EU Big Trilby Records/Columbia/Sony Music AL88875145121 2000,00
2018-янв-13 4/8568 Rock A-F AC/DC Fly On The Wall Japan Atlantic P-13152 3600,00
2018-янв-13 4/8394 Rock A-F Stills-Young Band Long May You Run Japan Warner Bros. Records P-10217R 2500,00
2018-янв-13 5/6041 Rock G-P Related Projects Pilot Second Flight Japan EMI EMS-80221 3200,00
2018-янв-13 5/5135 Rock G-P Related Projects Joel Billy An Innocent Man Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 2660 1400,00
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