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Дата № в кат.сайта Раздел Исполнитель Название Страна Фирма № фирмы. Цена,Р Фото Просм Купить
2018-июл-14 37/23 Russian Immigrants Russian Songwriters Rebroff Ivan Very Best Of Rebroff Ivan Volume 2 UK BBC Records REB 848 1800,00
2018-июл-14 4/12465 Rock A-F Beatles With The Beatles UK Parlophone PMC 1206 6000,00
2018-июл-14 32/3159 Easy Listening Vocalists Como Perry Perry UK RCA Victor APL1 0585 750,00
2018-июл-14 10/783 Folk Currie John Revue 400 Years Australia Dyna House CD-2027 750,00
2018-июл-14 4/3481 Rock A-F Andrews Chris Heart To Heart - All The Hits And More Holland Qualitel Q-LP 261-1 750,00
2018-июл-14 32/2239 Easy Listening Vocalists Laine Frankie Very Best Of Laine Frankie UK Warwick PR 5032 750,00
2018-июл-14 11/1498 Soul-Funk Gap Band Gap Gold / Best Of The Gap Band Germany Total Experience 824 343-1 750,00
2018-июл-14 30/2957 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Zoogz Rift Nonentity (Water 3: Fan Black Dada) US SST Records SST184 1000,00
2018-июл-14 26/1429 Pop Music Of The 80s Griffin Peter Hurricane Is Coming Germany EMI 1C 064-46 003 1000,00
2018-июл-14 22/4963 Jazz Coltrane John "Live" At The Village Vanguard US Impulse A-10 7500,00
2018-июл-14 22/4954 Jazz Davis Miles Filles De Kilimanjaro US Columbia PC 9750 2400,00
2018-июл-14 28/4515 New Wave Inga & Humpe Anete Swimming With Sharks Germany WEA 242 183-1 750,00
2018-июл-14 12/72 Reggae Dub SKA Bluebeat Daddy Yod Redoutable France Bakchich Records 03001-1 1200,00
2018-июл-14 30/974 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Railway Children Recurrence Germany Virgin 209 110 750,00
2018-июл-14 33/2905 France Italy Europe Mina L'Immensita US UA International UNS 15516 2400,00
2018-июл-14 18/4725 Heavy metal Killer Stronger Than Ever Germany Rockport RO 028 1600,00
2018-июл-14 22/7044 Jazz Hancock Herbie Future Shock Canada Columbia FC 38814 2000,00
2018-июл-14 1/1235 Blues Charles Ray Legend Lives... Holland Villa ADEH 80 2600,00
2018-июл-14 28/4205 New Wave Cure Boys Don't Cry Germany Fiction 0060.276 2300,00
2018-июл-14 28/3788 New Wave Art Of Noise In Visible Silence Norway Chrysalis CHR 1528 1200,00
2018-июл-14 28/3691 New Wave Martha And The Muffins This Is The Ice Age UK Dindisc DID 10 1000,00
2018-июл-14 4/3707 Rock A-F Baez Joan From Every Stage Holland A&M AMLM 63704 1200,00
2018-июл-14 6/1909 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Renaissance Ashes Are Burning US Capitol / Sovereign ST-11216 2000,00
2018-июл-14 6/1697 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet US Abkco 75391 / PS 539 2600,00
2018-июл-14 5/11152 Rock G-P Related Projects Genesis Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Japan Famous Charisma Label 15PP-31-32 4500,00
2018-июл-14 32/4104 Easy Listening Vocalists Sinatra Frank Radio Years UK Warwick WW 2085 900,00
2018-июл-14 28/5320 New Wave Depeche Mode Some Great Reward France Mute 540100 2800,00
2018-июл-14 15/49 Progressive Earth and Fire Gate To Infinity Holland Polydor 2925 065 2400,00
2018-июл-14 15/13 Progressive Equipe 84 Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde Italy Ariston AR/LP/12107 6000,00
2018-июл-14 33/118 France Italy Europe Gainsbourg Serge Musiques De Films France PHILIPS 9101 246 3000,00
2018-июл-14 4/12464 Rock A-F Brownsville Station A Night On The Town US Big Tree Records BTS 2010 2200,00
2018-июл-14 4/12463 Rock A-F Beatles Rubber Soul Japan Apple AP-8156 3600,00
2018-июл-14 4/12462 Rock A-F Beatles Hey Jude Japan Apple AP-8940 3000,00
2018-июл-14 6/7980 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Got Live If You Want It! Japan London LAX 1008 2700,00
2018-июл-14 18/3491 Heavy metal Earthshaker Same Japan Nexus Records K28P-361 2400,00
2018-июл-14 6/1145 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Simon & Garfunkel Simon And Garfunkel's Greatest Hits Japan CBS/SONY SOPM 106 2000,00
2018-июл-14 6/1124 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen Jazz Japan Elektra P-10601E 3200,00
2018-июл-14 22/5075 Jazz Suzuki Isao Trio Black Orpheus Japan Three Blind Mice TBM-63 8600,00
2018-июл-14 18/2320 Heavy metal Europe Same Japan His Master's Voice / Victor VIL-6067 2000,00
2018-июл-14 4/11642 Rock A-F Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Japan Apple AP-9728 4000,00
2018-июл-14 30/3071 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Warsaw Same Holland Vinyl Passion/DMM Cutting VP 80000 1200,00
2018-июл-14 11/72 Soul-Funk Kawasaki Ryo Juice US RCA Victor APL1-1855 4000,00
2018-июл-14 18/2724 Heavy metal Judas Priest Hell Bent For Leather US Columbia JC 35706 2500,00
2018-июл-14 33/2710 France Italy Europe Gainsbourg Serge Vu De L'Exterieur France PHILIPS 548 430-1 2400,00
2018-июл-14 18/4949 Heavy metal Loudness Disillusion - English Version Japan Columbia AX-7407 2400,00
2018-июл-14 6/7269 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Strawbs Burning For You US Oyster/Polydor OY-1-1604 1200,00
2018-июл-14 6/7106 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Waits Tom Blue Valentine Germany Elektra/Asylum K 53 088 3200,00
2018-июл-14 5/11151 Rock G-P Related Projects Iron Butterfly with Pinera and Rhino Metamorphosis US ATCO SD 33-339 2800,00
2018-июл-14 22/5053 Jazz Suzuki Isao Quartet + 1 All Right! Japan Three Blind Mice TBM-36 6000,00
2018-июл-14 6/10426 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Stewart Rod Blondes Have More Fun Japan Warner Bros. Records P-10602W 1800,00
2018-июл-14 35/64 Soundtracks May Brian Mad Max (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) US Varese Sarabande STV 81144 3600,00
2018-июл-14 18/5911 Heavy metal Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 2 US Geffen 0720642442012 2700,00
2018-июл-14 7/225 7 inches Beatles Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby EU Apple Records/Universal Music Group International 0602567572039 1400,00
2018-июл-14 6/3178 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rainbow Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Japan Polydor/100% Pure LP UIJY-75006 6000,00
2018-июл-14 28/5319 New Wave Depeche Mode Some Great Reward EU Music On Vinyl MOVLP940 2500,00
2018-июл-14 4/12461 Rock A-F Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Vol 4 EU BMG / Sanctuary BMGRM056LP 2200,00
2018-июл-14 5/10844 Rock G-P Related Projects Waters Roger Is This The Life We Really Want? EU Columbia 88985436491 2700,00
2018-июл-14 5/10087 Rock G-P Related Projects Kiss Unmasked Japan Casablanca Record & Filmworks 25S-3 2700,00
2018-июл-14 5/9580 Rock G-P Related Projects Kiss Unmasked EU Mercury 0602537771028 3000,00
2018-июл-14 5/8839 Rock G-P Related Projects Pink Floyd Wall Sweden EMI/Harvest 7C 156-63410/11 4000,00
2018-июл-14 5/11149 Rock G-P Related Projects Pink Floyd Final Cut US Columbia QC 38243 3600,00
2018-июл-14 5/11148 Rock G-P Related Projects Pink Floyd Obscured By Clouds EU Pink Floyd Records PFRLP7 1700,00
2018-июл-14 5/11147 Rock G-P Related Projects Pink Floyd Animals US Pink Floyd Records PFRLP10 1700,00
2018-июл-14 5/11146 Rock G-P Related Projects Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here US Pink Floyd Records PFRLP9 1600,00
2018-июл-14 4/2735 Rock A-F Creedence Clearwater Revival 1969 Archive Box (Bayou Country (Japan); Green River (Italia); Willy And The Poor Boys (USA)) USA, Canada & Europe Concord Music Group, Inc. FAN-36153-01 10000,00
2018-июл-14 4/9369 Rock A-F Creedence Clearwater Revival Complete Studio Albums EU Back to Black FAN-36097-01 / 0888072360976 8320,00
2018-июл-14 46/301 Russian Rock Heavy Metal Bands Наутилус Помпилиус (Nautilus Pompilius) Коллекция (Князь Тишины, Переезд, Невидимка, Разлука, Человек Без Имени, Наугад) Germany Bomba music 4640004 136501 10000,00
2018-июл-14 46/272 Russian Rock Heavy Metal Bands Наутилус Помпилиус (Nautilus Pompilius) Коллекция (Чужая земля, Крылья, Титаник, Лучшие песни. Акустика, Яблокитай, Атлантида) Germany Bomba music 4640004136051 11000,00
2018-июл-14 46/1026 Russian Rock Heavy Metal Bands Наутилус Помпилиус (Nautilus Pompilius) Лучшие Песни. Акустика. Germany Bomba music BoMB 033-822 LP 3230,00
2018-июл-14 18/3084 Heavy metal Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction US Universal Music Enterprises 000602567483908 / B0028153-01 3600,00
2018-июл-14 29/2198 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Nine Inch Nails Bad Witch EU Caroline International/Null Corporation B002818021 2300,00
2018-июл-14 4/8614 Rock A-F Fogerty Tom (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Excalibur EU Craft Recordings CR00089 3000,00
2018-июл-14 16/251 Beat Surf Garage Music Machine (Turn On) The Music Machine EU Craft Recordings CR00068 2300,00
2018-июл-14 4/8682 Rock A-F Johnson Wilko Blow Your Mind EU UMC UMC 6734813 2300,00
2018-июл-14 22/12160 Jazz Coltrane John Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album EU Impulse!/Verve Records/UMe 00602567493006 2300,00
2018-июл-14 22/12155 Jazz Coltrane John Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album EU Impulse!/Verve Records/UMe 00602567493013 2300,00
2018-июл-14 18/3051 Heavy metal Bullet For My Valentine Gravity EU Spinefarm SPINE756025 2300,00
2018-июл-14 16/148 Beat Surf Garage Count Five Psychotic Reaction EU Craft Recordings CR00067 2300,00
2018-июл-14 18/3023 Heavy metal Bullet For My Valentine Gravity EU Spinefarm SPINE752796 2300,00
2018-июл-14 4/4039 Rock A-F Clifford Doug "Cosmo" Same US Craft Recordings CR00090 3000,00
2018-июл-14 29/147 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Offspring Same US Craft Recordings CR00070 / 888072045989 2300,00
2018-июл-14 29/47 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Damned Evil Spirits EU Search And Destroy Records/Spinefarm Records 602567340430 2300,00
2018-июл-14 29/27 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore 5 Seconds Of Summer (5SOS) Youngblood EU Capitol Records 602567482253 2300,00
2018-июл-14 22/11026 Jazz Lloyd Charles & The Marvels + Williams Lucinda Vanished Gardens EU Blue Note 00602567588498 3200,00
2018-июл-14 12/29 Reggae Dub SKA Bluebeat Cliff Jimmy Harder They Come (Original Soundtrack Recording) EU Island / UMC 00602567073949 2300,00
2018-июл-14 30/3404 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Florence + the Machine (solo Nine Inch Nails) High As Hope EU Virgin EMI Records V 3204 2300,00
2018-июл-14 30/3402 Indie synthi-pop avantgard T Jamie (Treays Jamie) Kings & Queens EU Pacemaker Recordings/Virgin 5099996796610 2300,00
2018-июл-14 11/5253 Soul-Funk Love Unlimited Orchestra (Barry White) 20th Century Records Singles (1973-1979) EU Back to Black 0602567411024 4000,00
2018-июл-14 11/4636 Soul-Funk Temptations All The Time EU UMe 00602567338963 2300,00
2018-июл-14 6/8127 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Mothers Of Invention (Frank Zappa) Burnt Weeny Sandwich EU Zappa Records ZR 3842-1 2300,00
2018-июл-14 5/7079 Rock G-P Related Projects Various Artists (songs of John Elton & Taupin Bernie) Revamp: Reimagining The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin EU Virgin EMI Records V 3205 3200,00
2018-июл-14 5/6062 Rock G-P Related Projects Gallagher Rory Wheels Within Wheels EU Universal UMC 6746984 2300,00
2018-июл-14 5/5646 Rock G-P Related Projects Various Artists (songs of John Elton & Taupin Bernie) Restoration: Reimagining The Songs Of Elton John And Bernie Taupin EU MCA Nashville/ UMG Recordings Inc. B0028066-01 3200,00
2018-июл-13 67/3872 Audiotapes (Audiocassettes) Лепс Григорий Натали Россия Мистерия Звука MZ-128-4 110,00
2018-июл-11 32/4103 Easy Listening Vocalists Sinatra Frank Adventures Of The Heart Japan CBS/SONY 22AP 2515 3200,00
2018-июл-11 32/4102 Easy Listening Vocalists Sinatra Frank With Jones Quincy And Orchestra L.A. Is My Lady Japan Qwest / Warner Bros. P-13027 3600,00
2018-июл-11 32/4101 Easy Listening Vocalists Sinatra Frank Come Dance With Me! Japan Capitol Records ECJ-50078 3200,00
2018-июл-11 11/1697 Soul-Funk Sly and Family Stone Greatest Hits Japan Epic ECPM-94 3000,00
2018-июл-11 18/639 Heavy metal Saxon Wheels Of Steel Japan Carrere P-10870G 2400,00
2018-июл-11 22/3658 Jazz Shakti, McLaughlin John A Handful Of Beauty Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 512 3200,00
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