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2017-июн-26 22/12280 Jazz Meola Al Di Project Soaring Through A Dream Japan Manhattan MHS-91133 2500,00
2017-июн-26 22/12279 Jazz Jarreau Al All Fly Home Japan WB Records P-10547W 1600,00
2017-июн-26 22/12278 Jazz Jarreau Al Breakin' Away Japan WB Records P-11030W 1600,00
2017-июн-26 22/12276 Jazz Tee Richard Bottom Line Japan Electric Bird Records K28P-6364 2200,00
2017-июн-26 22/12274 Jazz Deodato Knights Of Fantasy Japan WB Records P-10655W 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12273 Jazz Deodato Prelude Japan CTI Records K20P 6814 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12272 Jazz Khan Chaka / Hubbard Freddie / Henderson Joe / Corea Chick / Clarke Stanley / White Lenny Echoes Of An Era Japan Elektra P-11138 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12271 Jazz Matthews David Matthew's Market Japan CTI Records GXC-3009/10 3000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12269 Jazz Cobham Billy & Duke George Band Live On Tour In Europe Japan Atlantic P-10282A 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12268 Jazz James Bob 12 Japan CBS / Tappan Zee 28AP 2945 2600,00
2017-июн-26 22/12266 Jazz Prism Same Japan Polydor MR 3072 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12264 Jazz James Bob Foxie Japan CBS / Tappan Zee 25AP 2686 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12263 Jazz James Bob Sign Of The Times US Columbia / Tappan Zee FC 37495 1600,00
2017-июн-26 22/12262 Jazz Various Artists ECM Special Edition For Contemporary Music Japan ECM PA-9601 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12261 Jazz Jones Quincy Gula Matari Japan A&M LAX 3094 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12260 Jazz Jones Quincy This Is How I Feel About Jazz Japan ABC Records YW-8501 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12258 Jazz Lewis Ramsey Love Notes Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 576 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12257 Jazz Lewis Ramsey Salongo Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 116 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12256 Jazz Tee Richard Strokin' Japan CBS / Tappan Zee 25AP 1349 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12255 Jazz Santamaria Mongo With Gillespie Dizzy And Thielemans Toots Summertime - Digital At Montreux 1980 Japan Pablo Live 28MJ 3169 2400,00
2017-июн-26 22/12253 Jazz Jones Quincy Walking In Space Japan A&M LAX-3093 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12252 Jazz Weather Report Night Passage Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 1970 2800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12251 Jazz Weather Report Tale Spinnin' Japan CBS/SONY 18AP 2177 2700,00
2017-июн-26 22/12250 Jazz Mangione Chuck Best Of Mangione Chuck US Mercury SRM-2-8601 1600,00
2017-июн-26 22/12249 Jazz Seawind Light The Light Japan Horizon Records & Tapes HOZ-6004 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12248 Jazz Mann Herbie St. Thomas Japan United Artists K18P-9270 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12246 Jazz Washington Grover Jr. Come Morning Japan Elektra P-11082E 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12245 Jazz Mason Harvey Earthmover Japan Arista 15RS-17 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12244 Jazz Hancock Herbie Lite Me Up US Columbia FC 37928 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12243 Jazz Hancock Herbie Secrets Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 244 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12242 Jazz Hancock Herbie Future Shock US Columbia FC 38814 2000,00
2017-июн-26 22/12241 Jazz French Toast (Jackson Anthony, Weckl Dave, Soloff Lew, Gordon Peter etc.) Same Japan Electric Bird Records K28P 6302 1800,00
2017-июн-26 22/12240 Jazz Benson George In Concert - Carnegie Hall Japan CTI Records LAX 3221 1800,00
2017-июн-26 28/4651 New Wave King Bitter Sweet Japan Epic 28 3P-720; 07 5P-406 2400,00
2017-июн-26 28/4461 New Wave Soft Cell Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret Japan Vertigo 25PP-45 2500,00
2017-июн-26 28/3710 New Wave Tong Dangerous Games US Augustwolf Records AW/00T1 1800,00
2017-июн-26 30/3836 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Siouxsie And The Banshees Once Upon A Time Japan Polydor 28MM 0086 3000,00
2017-июн-26 30/3435 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Siouxsie And The Banshees Nocturne Japan Polydor 38MM 0327/8 3600,00
2017-июн-26 4/10939 Rock A-F AC/DC Powerage Japan Atlantic P-10533A 5000,00
2017-июн-26 9/798 Electronic Music Jarre Jean-Michel Equinoxe Japan Polydor MPF 1214 3200,00
2017-июн-26 9/797 Electronic Music Tomita Snowflakes Are Dancing (The Newest Sound Of Debussy) Japan RCA Red Seal RVC-2251 1800,00
2017-июн-26 11/5582 Soul-Funk Earth, Wind & Fire All 'N All Holland CBS CBS 82238 1800,00
2017-июн-26 26/3544 Pop Music Of The 80s Ashley & Jackson Solid Gold UK Big Life BLRLP 17 1000,00
2017-июн-26 5/9978 Rock G-P Related Projects Gabriel Peter So Germany Virgin 207 587 1800,00
2017-июн-26 6/5414 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Scorpions In Trance UK RCA Victor RS 1039 3200,00
2017-июн-26 4/6829 Rock A-F Belew Adrian Desire Caught By The Tail US Island 90551-1 2000,00
2017-июн-26 5/9977 Rock G-P Related Projects John Elton Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy Japan DJM IFS-80217 3600,00
2017-июн-26 4/10938 Rock A-F Cohen Leonard Ten New Songs EU Music On Vinyl MOVLP033 2000,00
2017-июн-26 28/4031 New Wave Cure Seventeen Seconds EU Vinyl Lovers 900358 2800,00
2017-июн-26 28/3842 New Wave Cure Pornography EU Vinyl Lovers 900235 2800,00
2017-июн-26 18/5363 Heavy metal OM Conference Of The Birds US Holy Mountain 5QXF3LP 2900,00
2017-июн-26 18/5361 Heavy metal Blitzkrieg Boys From Brazil Street: The Farm Tapes +++ The Archives Vol. Two +++ Germany High Roller Records HRR 405 2600,00
2017-июн-26 18/5360 Heavy metal Black Hole Land Of Mystery Germany High Roller Records HRR 181 1700,00
2017-июн-26 18/5359 Heavy metal Medieval Medieval Kills! Germany High Roller Records HRR 375 1200,00
2017-июн-26 18/5357 Heavy metal Sparta Welcome To Hell Germany High Roller Records HRR 349 1100,00
2017-июн-26 18/5356 Heavy metal Truffle If You Really Want Germany High Roller Records HRR 169 1500,00
2017-июн-26 18/5355 Heavy metal Quartz Fear No Evil Germany High Roller Records HRR 505 1700,00
2017-июн-26 18/5354 Heavy metal Messiah Hymn To Abramelin Germany High Roller Records HRR 354 2000,00
2017-июн-26 18/5353 Heavy metal Protector Live '89 Germany High Roller Records HRR 429 2000,00
2017-июн-26 18/5352 Heavy metal Protector Reanimated Homunculus Germany High Roller Records HRR 317 1700,00
2017-июн-26 18/5351 Heavy metal Protector Cursed And Coronated Germany High Roller Records HRR 469 1900,00
2017-июн-26 18/5350 Heavy metal Overdrive Metal Attack Germany High Roller Records HRR 465 1200,00
2017-июн-26 18/5349 Heavy metal Martyr Darkness At Times Edge EU High Roller Records HRR 446 1200,00
2017-июн-26 18/5348 Heavy metal Martyr For The Universe EU High Roller Records HRR 445 1200,00
2017-июн-26 18/5347 Heavy metal Warrior Resurrected Germany High Roller Records HRR 490 2600,00
2017-июн-26 18/5344 Heavy metal Metal Mirror 3 Germany High Roller Records HRR 329 1800,00
2017-июн-26 18/5343 Heavy metal Iron Angel Legions Of Evil Germany High Roller Records HRR 507 1700,00
2017-июн-26 6/9105 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Urchin Get Up And Get Out Germany High Roller Records HRR 212 1700,00
2017-июн-26 26/3732 Pop Music Of The 80s Madonna Blond Ambition World Tour 90 EU Radio Silence RSL13017LP 2200,00
2017-июн-26 18/5342 Heavy metal Metallica Fade to Black - Live At The Playhouse Theatre - Winnipeg, Canada December 13th, 1986 - FM Broadcast EU Radio Silence RSL13016LP 2200,00
2017-июн-26 29/2397 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Ramones Hollywood Palladium October 14, 1992 Westwood One FM Broadcast EU Egg Raid Records EGG-351 1600,00
2017-июн-26 9/793 Electronic Music Aphex Twin (AFX) Selected Ambient Works 85-92 EU Apollo AMBLP3922 2600,00
2017-июн-26 12/878 Reggae Dub SKA Bluebeat Scientist Big Showdown EU MiruMir MIR100736 1700,00
2017-июн-26 12/876 Reggae Dub SKA Bluebeat Scientist Scientist Wins The World Cup EU MiruMir MIR100741 1700,00
2017-июн-26 12/875 Reggae Dub SKA Bluebeat Scientist Scientist Encounters Pac-Man EU MiruMir MIR100740 1700,00
2017-июн-26 1/1602 Blues Mahal Taj Natch'l Blues UK Pure pleasure records CS 9698 2900,00
2017-июн-26 6/9104 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Steely Dan Pretzel Logic Japan MCA Records VIM-4042 3600,00
2017-июн-26 6/9103 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Steely Dan Countdown To Ecstasy Japan ABC Records YW-8050-AB 3200,00
2017-июн-26 6/9102 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen Live Japan Elektra P-13117 3600,00
2017-июн-26 6/9101 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen Greatest Hits Japan Elektra P-6480E 3200,00
2017-июн-26 6/9100 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Rolling Stones, Now! Japan London LAX 1004 3600,00
2017-июн-26 6/9099 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen Live Killers Japan Elektra P-5567-8E 5000,00
2017-июн-26 6/9098 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Van Der Graaf Generator World Record Japan Famous Charisma Label RJ-7185 6000,00
2017-июн-26 6/9095 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Yes Close To The Edge Japan Atlantic P-8274A 3600,00
2017-июн-26 6/9094 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Van Halen Same Japan Burbank Warner Bros. P-10479W 2400,00
2017-июн-26 6/9093 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Best Live History '65-66-69 Japan London L20P 1117 3000,00
2017-июн-26 36/4858 Easy Listening Instrumental Music Le Grand Orchestre De Mauriat Paul Beatles Album Japan PHILIPS PM-10 3000,00
2017-июн-26 11/5581 Soul-Funk Coffey Dennis Goin' For Myself US Sussex SXBS 7010 1800,00
2017-июн-26 11/5579 Soul-Funk Crusaders 1 Japan MCA Records VIM-5550-1 2400,00
2017-июн-26 11/5576 Soul-Funk Earth, Wind & Fire Raise! Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 2210 1800,00
2017-июн-26 5/9976 Rock G-P Related Projects Kansas Audio-Visions Japan Kirshner/CBS/Sony 25AP 1931 3000,00
2017-июн-26 5/9975 Rock G-P Related Projects Pink Floyd Animals Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 340 7500,00
2017-июн-26 5/9973 Rock G-P Related Projects Pavlov's dog Pampered Menial Holland CBS CBS 32480 2700,00
2017-июн-26 5/9972 Rock G-P Related Projects Clarke Allan (Hollies) Same UK EMI EMC 3041 1400,00
2017-июн-26 5/9971 Rock G-P Related Projects Journey Departure Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 1796 1800,00
2017-июн-26 5/9970 Rock G-P Related Projects Journey Evolution Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 1355 1800,00
2017-июн-26 5/9969 Rock G-P Related Projects Gilmour David (Pink Floyd) Same Japan CBS/SONY 25AP 1077 4000,00
2017-июн-26 5/9967 Rock G-P Related Projects Hendrix Jimi Experience Are You Experienced Japan Polydor MP 2492 5000,00
2017-июн-26 5/9966 Rock G-P Related Projects Kiss Creatures Of The Night Japan Casablanca/Polystar 28S-138 3200,00
2017-июн-26 5/9965 Rock G-P Related Projects Grand Funk Railroad On Time Japan Capitol Records ECS-40034 5000,00
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