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Дата № в кат.сайта Раздел Исполнитель Название Страна Фирма № фирмы. Цена,Р Фото Просм Купить
2019-фев-21 22/14105 Jazz Cole Nat King Ballads Of The Day EU DOL DOS710H 1100,00
2019-фев-21 1/1628 Blues Bonamassa Joe Blues Of Desperation EU Provogue PRD74811 2700,00
2019-фев-21 1/1625 Blues Charles Ray Let The Good Times Roll Germany Delta Entertainment N 79 021 2600,00
2019-фев-21 4/13296 Rock A-F Fleetwood Mac Rumours EU Reprise 093624979357 2000,00
2019-фев-21 4/13295 Rock A-F Black Sabbath Never Say Die! EU BMG BMGRM060LP 2500,00
2019-фев-21 4/13294 Rock A-F McCartney Paul And Linda Ram Germany MPL/ Capitol 602557567656 2600,00
2019-фев-21 4/13293 Rock A-F Eagles With Ronstadt Linda & Browne Jackson Don Kirshner's Rock Concert '74 EU Rox Vox RVLP2043 2000,00
2019-фев-21 34/538 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Daft Punk Alive 2007 EU Atlantic 0825646225378 2400,00
2019-фев-21 34/537 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Booka Shade Galvany Street Germany Blaufield Music 673790033055 1600,00
2019-фев-21 34/532 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Whigfield Greatest Hits & Remixes EEC ZYX Music ZYX 21163-1 2200,00
2019-фев-21 34/530 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Pendulum Hold Your Colour UK Breakbeat Kaos BBK002LP 3200,00
2019-фев-21 34/528 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Photek DJ-Kicks Germany !K7 Records !K7293EP 2000,00
2019-фев-21 34/527 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Sleep Same Germany Staatsakt 4019589000550 2800,00
2019-фев-21 34/526 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Thievery Corporation Mirror Conspiracy US Eighteenth Street Lounge Music ESL033LP 3000,00
2019-фев-21 34/523 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Thievery Corporation Richest Man In Babylon US Eighteenth Street Lounge Music ESL061LP 3000,00
2019-фев-21 34/519 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Thievery Corporation Cosmic Game US Eighteenth Street Lounge Music ESL081LP 3000,00
2019-фев-21 31/966 Hip-Hop N.W.A. (NWA) 100 Miles And Runnin' / Just Don't Bite It / Sa Prize (Part 2) / Real Niggaz / Kamurshol US Ruthless Records 602547320667 3600,00
2019-фев-21 31/947 Hip-Hop Notorious B.I.G. (Notorious BIG) Golden Voice (Instrumentals) Cutting Deep 8436022624801 / CDR-SI-009 3200,00
2019-фев-21 6/9079 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Stewart Rod Blood Red Roses EU Republic Records/Decca/Stiefel Entertainment 602567909736 3600,00
2019-фев-21 6/9078 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rush Clockwork Angels Germany Roadrunner Records/Anthem RRCAR 7656-1 3000,00
2019-фев-21 6/8974 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Live 66-67 UK Rhythm & Blues/1960s Records R&B30 2900,00
2019-фев-21 6/8936 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Riding The Waves UK London Calling LCLPC5015 2500,00
2019-фев-21 6/8925 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Queen A Kind Of Magic Germany Virgin EMI Records 602547202796 2600,00
2019-фев-21 6/8913 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rolling Stones Live 65-66 UK Rhythm & Blues/1960s Records R&B29 3200,00
2019-фев-21 6/8880 Rock Q-Z Related Projects TOTO 40 Trips Around The Sun EU We Are Vinyl/Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music 190758086613 2700,00
2019-фев-21 6/8887 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Yes Close To The Edge EU Atlantic 8122797157 2200,00
2019-фев-21 29/3906 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore OOMPH! Ritual Germany Napalm NPR 809 Vinyl 3200,00
2019-фев-21 29/3905 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Throbbing Gristle (T.G./ TG) Mission Of Dead Souls – The Last Live Performance Of TG EU Mute TGLP5 3200,00
2019-фев-21 29/3904 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Television Personalities A Memory Is Better Than Nothing UK Rocket girl rgirl66LP 2200,00
2019-фев-21 29/3902 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Throbbing Gristle (T.G./ TG) Taste Of TG (A Beginner's Guide To The Music Of Throbbing Gristle) EU Mute TGLP14 3600,00
2019-фев-21 29/3903 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Tindersticks Waiting Room EU Lucky Dog Recordings / City Slang Slang50088LP, Luckydog18LP 3000,00
2019-фев-21 29/3901 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Tindersticks with Belhom Thomas and Ott Christine Minute Bodies - The Intimate World Of F. Percy Smith EU Lucky Dog Recordings / City Slang Slang50125LP, Luckydog20LP 2500,00
2019-фев-21 32/2578 Easy Listening Vocalists Bassey Shirley Born to Sing the Blues EU DOL DOS696H 1100,00
2019-фев-21 2/812 Rock-N-Roll Twist Berry Chuck Rock And Roll Music Germany Delta Entertainment N 79 022 2600,00
2019-фев-21 28/1874 New Wave Talking Heads Talking Heads: 77 EU Rhino Records/Sire 8122-79884-1 2000,00
2019-фев-21 9/577 Electronic Music Schulze Klaus La Vie Electronique Volume 1.0 US One Way Static Records OWS24 / 092624999631 5000,00
2019-фев-21 12/398 Reggae Dub SKA Bluebeat Marley Bob Legend EU Delta Entertainment N 79 017 2600,00
2019-фев-21 35/585 Soundtracks Various Artists (Badalamenti Angelo) Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Soundtrack) EU Rhino Records 081227933951 2700,00
2019-фев-21 46/823 Russian Rock Heavy Metal Bands Агата Кристи 10 Лет Жизни (Полная Версия) Germany Bomba music BoMB 033-881/882 LP 4860,00
2019-фев-21 3/776 Beat Surf Ventures Live In Japan '77 Japan Liberty LP-9441B 2400,00
2019-фев-21 5/10232 Rock G-P Related Projects Thompson Chris (Manfred Mann's Earth Band) feat. May Brian Radio Voices Germany Ultraphone 6.25922 2000,00
2019-фев-21 5/10204 Rock G-P Related Projects Thompson Chris (Manfred Mann's Earth Band) Beat Of Love Germany Ariola 211 417 1800,00
2019-фев-21 5/1003 Rock G-P Related Projects Waters Roger Radio K.A.O.S. US Columbia FC 40795 3000,00
2019-фев-21 5/8738 Rock G-P Related Projects James Gang Miami US ATCO SD 36-102 2500,00
2019-фев-21 4/1945 Rock A-F Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit (Kossoff Paul - "Free") Same (Kossoff/Kirke/Tetsu/Rabbit) Spain Island 86.011-I 2800,00
2019-фев-21 4/8883 Rock A-F Foreigner Can't Slow Down Germany Ear music 0202671ERE 2500,00
2019-фев-21 4/9820 Rock A-F Angel Same Japan Casablanca SWX-6269 2000,00
2019-фев-21 4/9798 Rock A-F Angel Helluva Band Japan Casablanca VIP-6323 1800,00
2019-фев-21 6/8837 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Styx Edge Of The Century Portugal A&M 395 327-1 1800,00
2019-фев-21 6/8816 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Styx Styx 1 UK RCA PL 13593 2000,00
2019-фев-21 6/8827 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Styx Man Of Miracles Germany RCA Victor FL 13115 2000,00
2019-фев-21 6/4658 Rock Q-Z Related Projects DeYoung Dennis Back To The World US A&M SP-5109 1200,00
2019-фев-21 34/65 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Hi Power Cult Of Snap / Simba Groove Holland Rams Horn RHR.3841 295,00
2019-фев-21 22/6859 Jazz Clarke Stanley/Duke George Heroes Holland Epic EPCA 12-3860 400,00
2019-фев-21 34/394 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Funk Machine Message From Our Sponsor Italy flying records FLY 038 400,00
2019-фев-21 26/2101 Pop Music Of The 80s Londonbeat There's A Beat Going On (Get On The Floor Mix) / Bribe The Bride Germany Anxious Records/RCA ZT42122 400,00
2019-фев-21 4/4454 Rock A-F McCartney Paul Pipas De La Paz (Pipes Of Peace) Argentina EMI/Parlophone PCTC 81-1652301 2000,00
2019-фев-21 29/2600 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Engine Alley Switch / Ballad Of The Sinking Star / Photo Lens / Beautiful UK Mother Records 12 MUM 47 400,00
2019-фев-21 5/1820 Rock G-P Related Projects Hammond Albert It Never Rains In Southern California Holland Epic EPC 65320 1000,00
2019-фев-21 3/434 Beat Surf Troggs Golden Hits (Live Album) Switzerland Astan 20046 1500,00
2019-фев-21 5/3550 Rock G-P Related Projects Peterson Colleen Colleen Canada Capitol ST-11714 750,00
2019-фев-21 4/7848 Rock A-F Emerson, Lake & Palmer Trilogy Italy Earmark/Get back 42057 2000,00
2019-фев-21 26/1311 Pop Music Of The 80s Modern Talking Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) (Extended Version) Germany Hansa 608 239 400,00
2019-фев-21 26/1306 Pop Music Of The 80s Modern Talking Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) (Extended Version) Germany Hansa 608 239 1400,00
2019-фев-21 22/2545 Jazz Gibson Harry "The Hipster", Carter Benny, Gant Cecil I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 26 Italy Curcio, I Giganti del Jazz GJ-26 750,00
2019-фев-21 26/256 Pop Music Of The 80s Mirage (Madonna Hits) Into The Groove Medley - The Madonna Hits Holland High Fashion Music/Dureco Benelux MS 192 500,00
2019-фев-21 28/2570 New Wave Strawberry Switchblade Who Knows What Love Is? / Poor Hearts / Let Her Go (Kitchensynch Mix-Up) UK Korova Records KOW 41 (T) 750,00
2019-фев-21 12/307 Reggae Dub SKA Bluebeat Mighty Diamonds Ice On Fire UK Virgin V 2078 1200,00
2019-фев-21 26/2428 Pop Music Of The 80s Alphaville Forever Young Canada WEA 24 04811 3000,00
2019-фев-21 5/3880 Rock G-P Related Projects Gallagher Rory Blueprint Germany Polydor 2383 189 2400,00
2019-фев-21 6/8749 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Rafferty Gerry City To City Canada United Artists UA-LA840-G 750,00
2019-фев-21 6/8744 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Faces A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse US Warner Bros. Records BS 2574 2400,00
2019-фев-21 15/1690 Progressive Hassles Same US United Artists UAS 6631 3000,00
2019-фев-21 32/2657 Easy Listening Vocalists Ofarim Esther Same UK EMI/ Columbia SCXA 9253 750,00
2019-фев-21 2/2115 Rock-N-Roll Twist Presley Elvis Elvis In Person At The International Hotel Canada RCA Victor LSP 4428 1200,00
2019-фев-21 4/3921 Rock A-F Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Vol 4 US Warner Bros./Rhino RR1 2602 4000,00
2019-фев-21 4/3917 Rock A-F Cream Disraeli Gears UK Reaction 594003 4000,00
2019-фев-21 5/4268 Rock G-P Related Projects Harper Roy & Page Jimmy Whatever Happened To Jugula? UK Beggars Banquet BEGA 60 2200,00
2019-фев-21 6/4558 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Vanilla Fudge Near The Beginning Japan ATCO P-8614T 3600,00
2019-фев-21 11/1979 Soul-Funk Gaye Marvin What's Going On US Tamla TS310 1200,00
2019-фев-21 6/4246 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Scorpions Acoustica EU RCA/Sony Music 889854069810 3200,00
2019-фев-21 4/2278 Rock A-F Chicken Shack O.K. Ken? Holland Blue Horizon S 7-63209 3000,00
2019-фев-21 11/2577 Soul-Funk Stylistics Greatest Hits 24 Japan AVCO SWX-9003-4 1800,00
2019-фев-21 15/4562 Progressive Kaleidoscope Incredible Kaleidoscope US Epic BN 26467 2400,00
2019-фев-21 5/6050 Rock G-P Related Projects Pilot Second Flight Japan EMI EMS-80221 2000,00
2019-фев-20 15/578 Progressive Hassles Hour Of The Wolf Japan United Artists K25P-23 2300,00
2019-фев-19 15/572 Progressive King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Polygondwanaland Finland Blood Music BLOOD-206 3200,00
2019-фев-18 4/4569 Rock A-F Angel White Hot Japan Casablanca VIP-6483 5000,00
2019-фев-18 4/4552 Rock A-F Angel On Earth As It Is In Heaven Japan Casablanca VIP-6385 3200,00
2019-фев-18 6/8790 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Quatro Suzi In The Spotlight EU Let Them Eat Vinyl (LTEV) LETV172LP 4500,00
2019-фев-18 6/6447 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Uriah Heep Into The Wild EU Frontiers Records FR LP 512 9000,00
2019-фев-18 6/4678 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Uriah Heep Sea Of Light UK Sleuth Records SLLP2002 6700,00
2019-фев-18 5/8771 Rock G-P Related Projects Jefferson Airplane After Bathing At Baxter's US RCA Victor LSO 1511 6700,00
2019-фев-18 5/8768 Rock G-P Related Projects Hall Daryl & Oates John Best Japan RCA RPL-8023 1400,00
2019-фев-18 5/11673 Rock G-P Related Projects Iron Butterfly Live UK ATCO 2400014 2000,00
2019-фев-18 5/11672 Rock G-P Related Projects Plant Robert/Krauss Alison Raising Sand US Rounder 011661907515 2600,00
2019-фев-18 33/2713 France Italy Europe Polnareff Michel Gold Disc Japan Epic ECPN-12 1300,00
2019-фев-18 6/10918 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Ten Years After Positive Vibrations US Columbia PC 32851 2400,00
2019-фев-18 6/10917 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Teaze Live In Japan Japan Overseas Records SUX-130-V 1600,00
2019-фев-18 6/10916 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Simon And Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water Japan CBS/SONY SOPM-105 2400,00
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